International Exhibiting Guide: Exhibiting in Hong Kong

Note:  HongKong Value Added Tax – If you do not have offices in Hong Kong, you should not be charged VAT or GST for materials and labor while exhibiting there.

Voltage:  Hong Kong uses 220V.  U.S. equipment that can only run on 110V will need a step-down transformer, and you will need to specify the power rating when ordering the transformer from the electrical supplier.

Smoking is not allowed within show halls, but some venues have designated smoking areas.

Garbage:  Your exhibit house will generally take care of basic cleaning during the show.  You can also order this service from the venue.  Show organizers will determine whether there is a build-and-burn disposal fee.  The fee will depend on the volume and types of materials being disposed.  Check your exhibitor manual for details on cost.  You are responsible for trash generated during installation and dismantle.  Exhibitors are often required to pay a “damage deposit” before the show.  The cost associated with disposing any trash not collected at the end of the show is then deducted from that deposit.

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