International Exhibiting Guide: Exhibiting in Shanghai

Some important information you need to know when Exhibiting at Shanghai Exhibitions and Trade Shows.

Note: Check with show management or your exhibit house to confirm tax details for specific shows.  A 5-percent business tax may also be levied depending on the goods or services sold.

Voltage:  Most exhibit halls use 220 volts, but 110-volt power can sometimes be ordered.  Adapters/transformers should be brought from home or rented from your exhibit contractor.

Garbage: Builders are responsible for handling all trash generated during I&D.  Most shows have trash-removal services included in the space-rental fee. Build-and-burn exhibits may require an additional disposal fee.

Cellphones:  Prepaid SIM cards are available at the airport or any China Mobile/China Unicom office.  Use a disposable phone with a local number to communicate with suppliers, as many do not have international dialing capabilities.

Music:  Exhibitors are generally free to play music in their booths, but should get show-management approval.

Treat a business card with great respect; never write on it or put it in your pocket. Always give and receive business cards with two hands, and read the cards completely. If a Chinese businessperson speaks English, he or she will have an English name.

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